The Lonhea Alpine Clinic



For over two hundred years, Switzerland has had a worldwide reputation for the ability of its clinics to restore and improve the health of their guests. Today, one of the most interesting Swiss clinics is the Lonhea Alpine Clinic in Villars.

Under the direction of Dr. Michel Golay, the clinic has developed an approach to good health based on the relationship of your digestive system to your brain. Dr. Golay is addressing the links between diet, exercise, mind set, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and weight loss.  The recommended length of time for a visit is one week, and a specific plan is developed for each guest. 

I met Dr. Golay during one of my scouting trips. We are in production with a program about the Swiss Canton of Vaud, which is a world-epicenter for health related clinics, and we intend to include a segment about the Lonhea Clinic. However, I thought you should know about it ASAP. 

You can get the essential information on their official website

I’m in the process of attending the clinic and will update you on my progress. If you book a visit, please let me know. I am there almost every week and we should be able to spend a few days together.

Burt Wolf
Canton de Vaud